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The Best Coat in the World


September 18, 2013 by PO.P Press


We think our Shell Jacket is probably one of the best coats in the world. We’ll give you 10 reasons why this coat should be in every coat closet.

1) Waterproof: Yep, you can use this as a rain coat–rainy day, downpour, puddle jumping or an afternoon roll through the wet leaves. This will keep your kids dry.

2) Windproof: The most important part of layering for “challenging” weather is keeping the wind out.  In addition to being waterproof, this jacket keeps the wind chill factor close to zero.

3) Taped seams: If seams aren’t sealed with waterproof tape, water will find it’s way in. We seal the stitches to keep every drop away from your child.

4) Two side pockets: Pockets! For hands and all the treasures they find.

5) 1+1=3: Combine this with our WindFleece Jacket and you have a great winter coat.

6) Breathable: Kids sweat even in the cold and it can make them colder if a garment can’t breathe. While the jacket keeps the moisture from the outside from getting in, it also keeps skin dry from sweaty playing kids.  Breathe and rest easy.

7) Adjustable cuffs: From the skinniest to the huskiest, adjust the cuffs to keep the rain and wind out or wrap it tightly around the middle layer Fleece.

8) Pre-bent sleeves: It just makes playing easier!

9) Reflectors: As the days get darker and kids insist on being outside, the reflectors on all sides will make it safe for children to play, walk or bike all day.

10) Adjustable and detachable hood: Have hoods that cover the eyes or don’t cover enough, ours are fully adjustable and removable. Why would you need to remove the hood? Stroller or carseat comfort, safety and child preference.



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