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The Clog Lady


October 7, 2013 by Linda Kerr

We want to introduce you to Cecilia Tidlund, the clog lady. She brought clogs to the U.S. from Sweden long before clogs were, well, cool and mainstream.  She began her company Clogmaster fitting the perfect shoe work shoe for nurses, doctors and chefs. Little did she know that clogs would be become popular for anyone wanting comfort. She’ll be joining us in Chicago for our Sample and Warehouse Sale to fit your feet and your children’s for the perfect shoe.

Cecilia’s passion for clogs is clear as soon as you meet her. She knows better than anyone that a “shoe has to walk right” in order for it to be comfortable. Common foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions and tendonitis are not unfamiliar and those challenges help her fit her customers even better.

Since 1976 she’s been fitting celebrities, top chef & medical professionals. Clogs may not be “vogue,” but she explains that it’s not about fashion, it’s about comfort. Clogs to us are a way of life. “I don’t know how people buy shoes without being fitted. I need your feet for a perfect fit!”

She works out of her office by appointment only in Portland and travels the country measuring feet. Customers enjoy the option to choose their own style and color to fit their personality. The favorite color choice: Black. She said most people’s first purchase is always basic and when they come back it’s usually something bold like red.




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