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Vacation Time: Packing Up for Kids


May 28, 2013 by PO.P Press

Soltimmar_KoncWe often think that packing for our kids should be easy! The irony is we spend time researching and purchasing just the right items for us to wear on our summer vacation. However when it comes to the kids, we just open the dresser drawers at the last minute and dump it all in or toss in the latest load of clean, folded laundry. Packing for our kids should involve some planning.

As adults, we learn to make do if it’s unexpectedly chilly or rainy, but our kids sometimes are not as resourceful; a forgotten hoodie or fleece jacket on a cold Maine summer vacation or a shell jacket left at home for a rainy Seattle family reunion is not going to be fun for parents or kids.

Keep in mind that too much clothing can be the wrong approach if you’re traveling with lots of kids and sharing suitcases. While moving everything from dresser drawers into suitcases seems like a good idea—after all those clothes are small—it can prove disastrous on the other end of your trip when you can’t find anything.

Here are a few tips for packing up your kids for vacation:

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to plan your packing.
  2. Make lists and brainstorm your days. What will be doing during the day? What activities are planned? Will you be outside or inside? Will you have access to washers and dryers?
  3. Consider possible incidentals and unexpected during your trip. What special occasions are involved (dinner out, wedding, church)? Will I need to dress the kids in bright clothing (or even alike) so I can find them in a crowd? What expected weather might you encounter?
  4. Most importantly, save your lists from each vacation so you have a starting point next time.

Vacation days with friends and family mean photo and video opportunities will pop up at the most unexpected moments. Don’t be surprised if your cousin posts that photo to Facebook and Instagram. Keep these moments in mind and ask yourself what you want your kids to be wearing for posterity. Most importantly, whatever you pack or forget to pack for your children, enjoy the vacation and the special moments stolen from “real life.”


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