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Waterproof, Ready for Play


October 16, 2013 by Linda Kerr

If you want to make the world’s best childrenswear, you have to set the bar high. Which is why we have tested every single detail in our products and how they perform using real life test pilots!

We believe that children should be able to play outdoors in any weather, and we design children’s coats, jackets, snowsuits, waterproof pants, hats and gloves accordingly.

Children from three preschools tested this season’s outerwear and told us exactly what worked and what didn’t. And they were ruthless. We only sell those products they approved, nothing else.

We found out how to keep a three-year old warm and dry during 15 minutes in a puddle or how much hot chocolate you can spill down a windproof Fleece Jacket without it soaking through to the skin.

Pretending to be a dog and crawling across an asphalt playground or sliding down an icy slope on your behind is fun but tough on outfits.

To enable children to continue to play their wild games we have reinforced vulnerable areas such as knees, seats and elbows with extra tough fabric, so the clothes last longer.



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