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Why Merino Wool?


August 27, 2013 by PO.P Press

Merino wool is not your grandmother’s bulky sweater with that, well, wool smell and constant itchiness. Merino wool can be considered nature’s perfect insulator that keeps kids warm when the weather gets chilly and cool when it warms up. It’s worked for sheep for centuries! As an added bonus, Merino keeps it shape when your kids play in the open fields or the soccer fields and again after you wash it.
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Wait, it keeps you cool? Isn’t Merino wool only for the winter?

Merino is one of the premier materials for active parents and kids. It’s not just for mountain climbers and hikers, but bike riders, playground enthusiasts and soccer champs are turning to Merino because it regulates body temperature and wicks away the moisture. Merino is great for a base layer in the winter for when kids are outside playing and still sweating under the layers. It keeps their little body temperatures where they should be so they can keep playing and then allows them to remove layers and still keep cool.

Is Merino wool itchy like my grandmother’s sweaters?

While we love to hear that grandmother is knitting your kids’ sweaters, as they can be such cherished pieces, Merino wool is not the same and is not itchy at all. Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep, and it is one of the finest, softest wool available. If we could, we’d let you feel through the computer to see for yourself.

When would my child need Merino wool?

While many Merino wool pieces like socks and hats are great for all kids, we find that many of our customers purchase these items for outdoor activities—camping trips, overnight camp, hiking, biking, running, team sports, skiing—when a base layer is needed or when the outside temperature fluctuates. As an added bonus, these items often double as lounge wear for after the outdoor fun.

What items are available in Merino wool?

Polarn O. Pyret has an extensive collection of Merino wool available year round. Yes, we said year round. How awesome is that. We carry pants, long johns, zip-up jackets, balaclavas, socks, rompers, mittens, bodysuits/onesies, neck warmers, tops/Ts and hats.

**Care instructions: As the fibers are very fine, we recommend you wash in a laundry bag to keep snags from other items in the wash or hand wash and line dry.


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